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About Khorasan Global

Khorasan Global is opening a door for tourism and investment enthusiasts who want to shape the future of Afghanistan and explore the country’s potential. Afghanistan is known for its historical richness, natural beauty and potential, but due to years of difficulties, it is an undiscovered treasure in terms of tourism and investment opportunities. This is where Khorasan Global comes into play.

What We Do?

Investment Advisory: We help business people looking to invest in Afghanistan to understand the local market and find the best investment opportunities. By understanding the economic potential of the country, we offer sustainable and profitable investment opportunities.

Who is Khorasan Global?

Khorasan Global is a consulting firm focused on Afghanistan’s tourism and investment sectors. With a deep respect for the country’s deep cultural ties, historical heritage and natural beauty, we aim to contribute to Afghanistan’s future by promoting these values to more people and guiding investors.

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Energy, Mining, Real Estate, Logistics, Agriculture, Telecommunication, Construction, Health Sector... Chose your investment


Energy Consulting Services: Strength in Diversity, Value in Sustainability

Energy is the backbone of modern societies and comes from a variety of sources to meet the needs of different industries. The management and utilization of different energy sources such as oil, water, coal, solar and wind are critical to realizing the sustainability goals of businesses and industries. In this transformation process, the right strategic directions and expert consultancy are among the factors that determine success.


Afghanistan's Rich Mineral Potential: Investment Opportunities and Future Perspectives

Afghanistan has been known for its rich mineral resources for thousands of years. The geological wealth of the country includes iron ore, copper, gold, lithium, cobalt, mercury, talc, chromite, coal and many other valuable minerals. These valuable resources contribute to Afghanistan's economic development and provide attractive opportunities for international investors.

Real Estate

Real Estate and Land Investment in Afghanistan: Appreciation and Financial Returns

In recent years, Afghanistan has become a country that continues its economic transformation rapidly and offers various opportunities for investors. In this transformation process, real estate and land investment is becoming increasingly important. Real estate and land investment in Afghanistan attracts attention with its value growth potential and financial returns.


Afghanistan The New Center of Investment in Logistics

Afghanistan is strategically located in the heart of Central Asia and has become an important center of regional trade. The country's logistics sector has been developing rapidly in recent years and offers attractive opportunities for international investors. Investments in Afghanistan's logistics infrastructure offer significant opportunities for investors seeking to facilitate regional trade, support economic development and be part of international trade.

Agriculture & Animal Husbandry

Afghanistan New Center of Investment in Agriculture and Animal Husbandry

Afghanistan is a country that offers great opportunities in the agriculture and animal husbandry sectors with its fertile agricultural lands and rich animal husbandry potential. The country's agriculture and animal husbandry sectors have been developing rapidly in recent years and offer attractive opportunities for international investors. Investments in Afghanistan's agriculture and animal husbandry sectors offer significant opportunities...


Potential Investment Opportunities in Education

Construction of Schools and Training Centers, Technology and Educational Content, Vocational Training Centers, Private Education Institutions, Educational Technologies and Infrastructure Development. Take your place in the education sector in Afghanistan by taking advantage of these potential investment opportunities.


Afghanistan Telecommunications Emerging Market

Afghanistan is becoming a rapidly growing market in the telecommunications sector. The country's young population, increasing internet access and mobile penetration rates make Afghanistan a country offering great opportunities in telecommunications. Investments in Afghanistan's telecommunications sector offer a variety of opportunities for investors looking to participate in an expanding market, serve a population that embraces technology, and support regional trade.


Afghanistan: Investment Potential in Construction Sector

Afghanistan is a country with a dynamic construction sector, offering a variety of opportunities for international investors. Infrastructure needs, housing demand and commercial real estate projects make the country a growing market. Investments in Afghanistan's construction sector offer various opportunities in areas such as modern infrastructure projects, housing development projects and commercial real estate projects.

Health Sector

Importance and Incentives for Investing in the Health Sector in Afghanistan

Considering the importance of investments in the health sector and the incentives for investments in this field, Afghanistan offers various opportunities to international investors. Investments in developing the country's health infrastructure, improving the quality of health services and modernizing the health industry both increase the access of the people of Afghanistan to health services and offer various incentives to investors.

Why Us?

Our corporate values from the basis of everthing we do.

Respectful & Trustworthy

We treat our customers, employees and business partners with respect and our relationship with them is based on an open dialogue. We keep our word and our promises. For us, respect and trust form the basis for working successfully with others.


With energy, enthusiasm and expertise, we work hard every day on our customers behalf. For us, being close to our customers is an essential aspect of providing outstanding services.


Through our entrepreneurial independence, we develop transparent, honest and optimal solutions for our customers.


On all levels of our organization and business units, our aim is to add value and act responsibly. We work towards sustainable success and treat our company and its resources with care.


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